A House of Tailors

My early life

When I was thirteen years old in 1870, i leaves my small town in Germany to join my uncle’s family in Brooklyn, my country had been disaster, too much wars going on. I left my mom and my sister, Katharina in German, so i thought i could go with my uncle to New York City and find a better place to stay rather than staying in a small house. I’m searching for a job in New York and it  leads me right back to the sewing machine. I am Dina and i didn’t know i could be homesick, but i didn’t know i could be so brave, either. In my new country, i finds myself standing up to an epidemic, then a fire. I didn’t know that i could grow so close to my new family, or to johann, the young man from tailor’s shop. And i also didn’t know that sewing would reveal my own wonderful talent, and my future. I am Dina, some ordinary girl who doesn’t know a lot of stuff  about myself and i also don’t know i had a talent on sewing machine.

It’s all started in Germany. It’s all my faults! I shouldn’t have worn a trousers outside and this 2 dumb and racist soldiers thought I’m a boy and they said only guys wears ‘trousers’ and all of a sudden i had to follow my Uncle’s and his wife to New York City, Brooklyn. I have to leave my family behind and go to Brooklyn instead of my sister, Khatarina. I’m actually sad that I have to leave my mother and my beloved sister in a disaster country.  

Is this it?

After I left my sister Katharina. She’s been sending me a letter every time she misses me. I heard from my sister that a really tall guy came into the old cranky house. My house. My old house. Germany where i lived before and now i lived in Brooklyn with my uncle’s and his wife. The tall guy ask permission from my mother that he’s going to propose to my sister and they’re going to be married this September. Kirk, my sister fiancé is a soldier who took a really good care of us before i left to Brooklyn with my uncle and Kirk eyes is really pretty my sister said, he has a greenish eyes. Katharina was so happy when he propose to her.

Before i went to Brooklyn I have been expecting that America is like a new place where people would have a new life and a better place to stay. America. A place that will be so much fun and i won’t be living off my expenses to work in the dressmaking ever again, but when i reached there everything was a heart broken. Nothing have change. Not much. Still in a small house, cranky small house, American people calls it apartment, but it way more smaller than my old house in German. While I’m in Brooklyn i was too busy getting know all my uncle’s family and forget about my family that I left behind. Every night i will cry  like a waterfall falling from my eyes. Remembering my mother and my sister, Khatarina from far away is very hard. At least my sister have mama with her, but what about me ? Will i survive without my mother and my sister ? I kept thinking about my family, but i know i have to stop thinking about them and think that my uncle is my family and everything is going to be fine. My uncle and his wife had a baby that they need to look after, I guess I have to find a job for my future. If I have money I can help my uncle with the money i have and If i have money i can give my mother and my sister some of my money. If. That’s the problem. I don’t know what i should do and what kind of job I’m going to have and will they pay me on time, I’ve been thinking so much it gave me headache, i better go to sleep now.


I finally got a job. A job that I hadn’t expected much, a job that i really hate to do and hoping that i won’t do in the future, but it came right back at me, like it was calling me. I went inside the old and greasy building, i felt like I’m a child labourers who worked for people and didn’t get enough paid. I learned that when I was a little kid, mama taught me. When i pushed the door open everything was quiet and chilling like an abandoned place and boom ! One of the guy who worked there scared me with his frightening costume. He thought i was a customer and ask me if I needed help and he introduced himself, “hi my name is johann, J-O-H-A-N-N. Can I help you ?” Well I don’t really need any help, so i introduced myself to him “hi my name is Dina, and I’m from Germany and now I’m living in New York with my uncle and his wife. I came here to find a job.” And he answered me “you’re in.” That was unexpected. 

Today is my first day, a lot of things I learned and discovered about the building. I also learned about spinning Jenny though i never heard of one. I did my spinning Jenny and realise it was hard, one month had passed and i finally finished my first ever cloth. I was so happy and i forgot about hating dressmaking and won’t do it ever again, but i was enjoying doing it even though it’s hard and takes a lot of times.

My mom and my sister sent me a letter and i was so happy that they’re coming to visit me and I’m even happier that Kirk is coming with them as well. My sister fiancé is coming with them to visit me ! I’m so excited that i woke the baby up and he started crying as he seen a ghost. Immediately my uncle wife got in and checked after us and she held him up and put him to sleep again. She worried something might happened and ask me if anything was fine and i told her everything that happened and she was happy as she heard mama and Khatarina is coming to visit us. When mama and Khatarina came I’m going to tell them that i got my first job and met a lovely guy named, johann. Until then everything is fine, my uncle’s got a  better job and his wife doesn’t need to worry about living expenses nor the money.

The End


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