Every time we got into the class we did our study planning. We plan what to do for the rest of the class. We usually did a math warm up on the whiteboard. When I got home I’ll do half of my homework and then I’ll do another half, but I don’t really finish all of them in times and I usually forgot to submit my works because I’m not used to it yet, so it will take time for me to feel comfortable on doing those and I admit that I’ve never submitted my works using iPad when I was at Malaysia . Whenever I’m confused I will ask help from the assistant. To be honest, I don’t really like getting help from the teacher(s) and I rarely ask help from the teacher or go to homework club. I don’t really know why, but I really don’t like getting help from the teacher except for the assistant.

Study skills made my brains relax from work overload and also give me supports with maths and my homework. I’ve been reading more book than last year which I’m happy with and also I’m not a bookworm and I also don’t like to read books because books are boring for me, but I’ve found a lot of books I’m interested in and lots of them are nonfiction and realistic fiction. I’m not doing good in maths after I get some help on study skills and I’ve finally understood and I can make the equation easily.

There is a lot of things I want to works on this years. ‘GREY PROJECTS’ obviously. But I really want to work on math for now because I really need more practice than before. After all, I feel pretty good about how I’m doing in study skills. I am really proud with my reading progress. Anyway, I’m ready for 8th grade next year!

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