Myths second drafts.

Aphrodite was the goddess of beauty and love. According to the Ancient Greeks she could make people fall in love, her symbols are the apple, the myrth wreath and the scallop shell. Her animal is a bird called “The Dove.” Her symbols show really clearly that she really had those powers. And she had a mirror that can tell her about a sad or mad couple.____________________________________________________________________
A long time ago,there was a beautiful goddess called Aphrodite. 1 day she saw a sad guy who was lonely and someone to be with him, after she look at her mirror she goes down and talk to him that he will have a girl someday, on that day the gentlemen known as Abbas had fell in love with Aphrodite.
After a few day Abbas had a beautiful girl but he don’t want the girl to be his partner he insists to had Aphrodite to be his couple but he knew Aphrodite is a goddess and he makes a decision to be with the girl known as Andromeda, and then Abbas go to the place where he found the goddess and he wanted to tanked her because Aphrodite gave him a good partner but she disappeared when Abbas had been happy with his couple and Aphrodite had done her job to gave Abbas someone to be with.
Abbas and Andromeda got married and they had a baby who was as cute as his father, after that they live in the Ancient Greece and far from dangerous place.
After a few day, a guard from the god had come and knock the door, Abbas go and open the door and his shock with the guard and they began with conversation. After their conversations had end Abbas told Andromeda that they had to go back to their old house.

“Andromeda, we need to go to our old house because Aphrodite want to see us.” Told Abbas to Andromeda.
Andromeda spoke up, “Wait! It’s a goddess of beauty and love?”
“Yes! Andromeda.” Said Abbas 


And three of them walk from their house until the middle of the house, they really tired and they found a flying horse car from the gods, there’s a note it’s wrote:
“For you Abbas and Andromeda.” The goddess put a note on the car.
They so happy but the horse make them kind of scared but two of them really tired and thirsty so they make a decision to ride on the flying horse car and the horse started to fly up into the sky.
She noticed that the flying horse are going to somewhere else and not going to their old house, she didn’t know what is happening and started to scream and Abbas look at her confused and the horse landing on the ground.
“Where are you going? And why did you scream?” Question Abbas. 
“Because the horse bring us to somewhere else not to our old house!” Answer Andromeda.
And he take a look around and he noticed that his wife is right and he started open his mouth, “What should we do now?” 
“I don’t know why you ask me? Why don’t you ask the horse!” Scream Andromeda.
“Because the horse can not speak.” Replied Abbas to Andromeda. 
“If the horse can fly why can’t he speak?” Said Andromeda. 
Abbas didn’t finish his word yet and there was a strange voice came at the back,
“What are you doing at here?”,the ogre shouted.
“Actually we are lost.” Answer Abbas.
The mad ogre spoke up because they landed on his place “You have to go now or you’re dead!” 
“I told you we are lost.” Exclaimed Abbas.
“Then what is that?” Ask ogre.
“That is flying horse.” Answer Abbas with weird conversation just happened before.
“If that is flying horse why don’t you just go and leave this place!” Scream the ogre to them.
“Okay, I will go and who are you?” Remarked Abbas to the ugly face.
“I’m a beast the ogre from the evil gods.” Answer with a proud of himself.
Abbas and Andromeda rushed fast as lightning and they leave the place and the flying horse fly again to the destination. After that they stop in front of the huge castle two of them shock with the beautiful view and they had invited to go inside and Abbas spoke up and said,
“Who castle is this?”
A strange woman with the beautiful voice spoke up:
“Well, well you guys can stay here if you guys want to?” Said Aphrodite.
“Who are you? And we don’t want to stay here if you did not get out from there!” Said Abbas to the Aphrodite 
“You don’t remember me? Well how can i do.” Said Aphrodite 
And the girl show her face to Abbas,
“Oh my Aphrodite! It’s was you.” Said Abbas 
“Wait you still remember me?” Responded Aphrodite to Abbas 
“Yes! Off course and I want to say thank you for giving me Andromeda.” Said Abbas 
“Welcome, there is nothing I can do for you. My job is to make sure anyone that sad fell in love and happy.” Answer Aphrodite 
And Aphrodite continued again,
“If you want to stay here you have to kill the ogre from the evil gods or you have to go and live in the small house again and search for the food”
“Okay, I will kill the ogre but before that I had found the ogre and he said we can’t go to his place and the night was the cave in darkness.” Answer Abbas with the brave mood to fight with the ogre.
“I think I know what to do?” Told Aphrodite 
“What is it?” Ask Abbas 
“I will give you the spear and you can go but do not make any noise.” Whispered Aphrodite.
And he go to the place again and he try to walk really slow without the ogre know that he was there but the ogre is not in the place where he found the ogre before and he thought the ogre had left with the evil gods. And then the ogre catch him from his back and the ogre kept asking him who sent him at his place but Abbas didn’t say anything.
“I told you not to came here again but why did you come here and where is the girl with you this morning?” Question the ogre to Abbas about his wife.
“That is my wife!” Replied Abbas with anger.
“So, she’s not coming with you?” Remarked the ogre 
“No!” Shouted Abbas to the beast.
And then Abbas used to lied the ogre from his idea he told the beast that he come here to gave him a present.
“Hey, I have a present for you.” Lied Abbas to the ugly face.
“What present do you have for me?” Ask him with joyful.
“But first you have to open the rope from my hand.” He fooled the ogre.
And the beast quickly open the rope and told him where the present, and Abbas pull out the spear and kill the beast. Abbas took the beast demand and give it to Aphrodite.
“Here you go, take this.” Smiled Abbas.
“Good job Abbas! now you and your family can stay here.” Aphrodite smiles with a silly face.
“Thank you so much.” Abbas cheerful with Aphrodite.
“Welcome.” Laughed Aphrodite.
Abbas go and tell the story to his wife and they live with the happy family now Abbas and his son be a heroes and Abbas explained to his son whenever you have a family or not if you’re selected for a hero you have to fight with your enemy and not running or hiding from your enemy.
The End 🙂

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